Family Mediation and Couples Mediation

Divorce isn’t just a process. It comes with a melting pot of raw emotions —  heartache, anger, fear, frustration, guilt, loss, stress, confusion, even numbness and indifference.

Yet somehow, with your life turned upside down, you have to think about making practical plans to establish this new normal, whether you want to or not.

Even starting the process involves making agreements with your ex-partner — the very person who disagreements with, brought you here in the first place.

In short, divorce can be the most stressful and confronting experience you’ll ever have to go through. Even if it’s one of the more amicable ones.

Family mediation is for all couples, including same-sex couples and those with or without children.

Family Mediation provides:


People cope better when structure is in place. Family mediation provides both structure during the process, to help you stay focused and on track. As well as after, with an agreed plan on how you can all move forward.

A safe place

When there are emotional tripwires everywhere, we provide neutral ground. A space where you can feel safe about opening up and being honest.

Neutral perspective

At a time when friends and family are taking sides, we remain completely unbiased. We’re not looking to find fault, just to find solutions.


Our role is to facilitate your discussions and bring them back to the main priority, which is always the children. Or, when there aren’t children involved, the finances.


We understand the complexities of a marriage breakdown because we work extremely hard with every client to improve their outcomes.


Our competitive family mediation rates are just a fraction of what it would cost to take the case to court.

Whereas a two- to three-day final court hearing can set each partner back tens of thousands, for potentially the same outcome.


We can see you within seven days of contacting us. Even faster if necessary.

More Control

Family mediation means you retain more control over the outcome than if you handed the matter over to the courts.

Remember you and your ex-partner are probably the best judges of what will and won’t work for your family.

In terms of the Family Law legislation, it is compulsory in respect of any parenting matter to attend mediation prior to a case being heard in the Family Court.

Family mediation works towards:


Once both people accept and understand what the other one wants and needs, there can be a shift in perception and a willingness to find some middle ground.


A breakthrough increases the chance of an agreement and can be the first step in adjusting to co-parenting.

Parenting logistics

Where the children will live, how much time they spend with each parent, school holidays, communication, travel, special days such as birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas and any other logistics, can all be agreed upon in family mediation.

These can be turned into parenting plans, official consent orders through the court or left as a goodwill agreement.

Financial Settlement

There’s often a lot of stress and uncertainty regarding finances, when suddenly the income that went into one home, now has to be stretched between two.

Negotiating a settlement, with advice from your family lawyer in mediation, can again save a huge amount of money, in comparison to with going through the courts.

We can also:

Work with your Lawyer if you’d like them directly involved in negotiations.

Issue Section 60I Certificates when children are involved and one person declines to participate in family mediation. This certificate allows you to take the matter to court.

Conduct shuttle mediations where people want to negotiate but not face-to-face. In this situation, the mediator acts as a go-between.

Refer you to other professionals such as solicitors, counsellors and psychologists, to ensure you receive the best additional support you need.

Why Segal Mediation Group?

With over twenty-five years in law and more than five specialising in family mediation, we truly understand the impact of family separation, both emotionally and financially.

We use all of this experience to encouraging understanding and successful outcomes for all of our clients.

Move forward with couple or family mediation.

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